How to Organize a Baby Shower

You just thought about throwing a baby shower for your friend, who is expecting to have her son in a few weeks. However, before you throw a baby shower, make sure that you conduct this party at least 6 weeks prior to their due date.

Although you have good intentions, keep in mind that great expectations are to be met. It can be nerve-wracking at this point if this is your first time, but you don’t need to be too worried about such things since the list below will help you get organized with your friend’s baby shower.

Who must host the event?

In the old days, friends were usually the first ones to be thought of when it comes to hosting for the baby bashes. These days, the showers are hosted by the family members, office associates or even close friends. There is the other tradition where it has only undergone a recent revamping – the women-only baby showers. While this is only a fair hosting and also in taking part in baby showers, even men are getting involved in this action, too. This is all thanks to the popularization of celebrations that are like the Jack and Jill type.

Who should be invited?

If this event is a surprise, meet up with the partner of the soon-to-be-mom, best friends, her family, and her colleague to gather any suggestions. If you know another party that is being held for her honor, connect with the one who hosts it to avoid any overlapping of the invitee. As with the invitations, you are free to go on with the traditional way of doing it by mailing any personalized stationery. You can also go for the great advantages of technology these days and send them the quick e-vite. Just make sure that you have all their email addresses.

How much is to be spent?

Unlike weddings that you expect it to be very pricey, you can have your baby showers at low key if this is what you prefer. However, you need to keep in mind that the decorations, food and the favors all fall under the one responsible for hosting the event. If money is your concern, try inviting some co-hosts that will help you with the costing, too, and go for the cheap as much as you can. You can have own fruit platter by arranging the trays yourself and cut up the fruits to your liking. You can also enlist some of your friends that are inclined to bake and willing to give it for the shower. This is far more affordable than buying the store-bought cupcakes, squares, and brownies that tend to be expensive.

How is the theme chosen?

It can be difficult to decide on a theme for the baby shower, so it might help you by listing down various unique ideas. If you are still stumped at this, try to ask the expectant mom on her preferences and take notes from it. You can also make it personal through including some of the expectant mom’s favorite things.

What are the foods that must be served?

Talking about food and pregnant women, offending smells can be very distracting to her. Make sure you set the table with options of minimal odors. Make sure you steer clear of curried goods, pickles and salon. Avoid the soft cheeses, alcohol, and sushi as well. A lot of expectant moms do not consume such goodies.

Do baby showers apply for subsequent pregnancies?

Not entirely. A casual gathering or lunch with friends is a nice way to put it to welcome the soon to be born kid.